“Welcome to the Collaboration Lab and our programmes.
We invite you to explore how a collaboration toolbox will make a great difference in your organization.”


We believe in human potential

Self-awareness is the key to breaking the glass ceiling of what is possible. Since the culture is a reflection of the leaders, we always start by supporting the leadership

We design future work life

We live in a time where new technology is constantly changing our conditions. Core skills in the work life of today and tomorrow are to embrace change and develop collaboration!

“There is no alternative than to truly believe in people’s potential to develop.
Do not leave it to chance if you want sustainable success.”


Learning by doing

The methodology applied by the facilitators in our network is based on a learner-centered, experience-based approach. Build, create, experiment! People learn best through active doing and making!

Measuring Progress

What we measure happens. A core part of a program is assessment, action planning and progress-tracking.
We use the so far only scientifically validated method of measuring the maturity level of work groups.


Collaboration is the core competence in a world of complexity and constant change. It is a social activity, based upon sharing, generosity, trust and openness. As such, collaboration begins in organizational culture.

”The quality of the results of any system is a function of the awareness that people in the system are operating from”

Otto Scharmer


Group Development and Cultural Transformation

We design and facilitate business and cultural transformation programs.
We believe in people’s potential to develop and their ability to take personal responsibility for their own learning journey.

Leadership Program

We strongly believe all leadership needs to have its foundation in the leader as an individual. To know yourself and develop self-awareness, abilities to learn from your own and others’ experiences is the most important key.

Neuro Leadership – The SCARF model

The key to change management lies in understanding how the social brain works, our needs in relation to each other, how we can help ourselves and others by maximizing rewards and minimizing threats

“There is an alternative to leading from the top down.
It is leading from the inside out.”

Angel Kyodo Williams



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