Group Development and Cultural Transformation

The facilitators in the network focus on designing and facilitating team and organisational development programs and social change programs. We all believe in people’s potential to develop and their ability to take personal responsibility for their own learning journey. As individuals and as a collective. People have a desire to contribute to their own contexts. Our methodology is maximising the opportunity to actively contribute, as leaders and members.

We work by invitation and in close partnership with clients. We do not see us as consultants “having the answers”. We provide perspectives, design and facilitation skills. We expect to design and deliver the learning experience in close collaboration with clients and partners. The benefits of this approach is that leaders and members will fully own the journey. Leading the change (with us as “exponentialisers”). The close collaboration will function as a vehicle for knowledge transfer. And as soon as the organisational cascading of the program is in place, we are no longer needed.

What we measure happens. A core part of a program is assessment, action planning and progress-tracking.
We use the so far only scientifically validated method of measuring the maturity level of work groups. It shows which issues are most rewarding to work with in terms of group development. The team creates an action plan for own development. To truly make the behavioural changes towards a high performing team happen we follow up the action plan by using a digital support system.

Our facilitators are certified users of GDQ, Group Development Questionaries, and by Skillnad AB.