Measuring Progress

What we measure happens. A core part of a program is assessment, action planning and progress-tracking.

We use the so far only scientifically validated method of measuring the maturity level of work groups. It shows which issues are most rewarding to work with in terms of group development. The team creates an action plan for its own development. To truly make the behavioural changes towards a high performing team happen we follow up the action plan by using a digital support system.

The system provides:

Tailor-made analysis for each Team, with their specific follow-ups and services.
An effective support system for ongoing development work in Teams. Digital and over time.
Follow up changes in behaviour and make sure the important issues are kept alive. New habits are key!
The responsibility is put where it should be. All members and leaders are responsible to act on agreements. Lead yourself!
Creates activity. Talk the talk becomes walk the talk. Thinking about change isn’t enough – it has to be done!
Easy to monitor the Team, coach it and give the right type of support at the right time. Unique leadership support regarding where to put your focus!

All facilitators in the network are licensed to use Susan Wheelan’s scientific model and measurements of group development.